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Film Forward

Dec 21, 2020

Film Forward returns with another one of our patented Gimme Three episodes. Given the unprecedented year that this was, we decided to theme this episode; Gimme Three: Films that Embody 2020.

Joining us to tackle this deep prompt is Mr. David Chiu; writer, director, cinephile and close friend of the the podcast.

David and host, Nicholas Ybarra each provide three recommendations of films that they feel epitomize the whirlwind year of 2020. The pair suggest films that address political strife, racial injustice, the pandemic and how the human condition reacts to it all.

It’s been a hard year for all of us. This podcast will not provide the answers on how we move forward. But our goal is that this podcast can offer some insight, perspective, and perhaps even some hope. If nothing else, this podcast will provide you with some epic movies to watch.