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Film Forward

Oct 26, 2020

This episode of Film Forward features the writer, director and star of the new film, Good, Mr. Justin Etheredge. 


Good is follows Payton, who becomes the caretaker of Gregory Devereaux, a wealthy man facing his final months. As they become close, Gregory's past sins force Payton to decide between his dreams and a...

Oct 23, 2020

This episode of Film Forward features the documentarian Lucas Millard, co-director of the new film, Baato. 


Baato is follows Mikma and her family as they travel by foot from their village deep in the Himalaya of Nepal to sell local medicinal plants in urban markets. This year, construction of a new highway to China...

Oct 19, 2020

This episode of Film Forward features the incredible directors, Cassie Hay & Amy Winston as we discuss their new film Queens of Pain. 


Queens of Pain is an intimate portrait of three athletes of Gotham Girls Roller Derby League. The film follows Suzy Hotrod, Evilicious, and Captain Smack Sparrow as they find...

Oct 12, 2020

We return with another one of our famous Gimme Three episodes, exploring the theme "Hispanic Horrors." As we close out Hispanic Heritage Month and plunge head first into Halloween Season - Hispanic Horrors seemed like an exciting and apt theme to explore.

Our guest is writer/director Felix Martiz (Santiago,...